Privacy Policy

Viberö Management is fully committed to protecting your individual rights and keeping your personal data safe. In this Privacy Policy we describe the collection, usage, storage and sharing practices of personal data. Data controller will be AB Viberö Management, which is the party you have your relationship with. Details of the controllers can be found on our sales pages either here or at Apple App Store or Google Play store. We process individuals’ personal data for a number of reasons. When we write «you», we mean you as a customer, a potential customer, our customer’s employee or other relevant parties, such as beneficial owners, authorised representatives, corporate cardholders and associated parties.

What personal data we collect Personal data is in most cases collected directly from you or generated as part of the use of our services, products and channels. Sometimes additional information is required to keep information up to date or to verify the information that we collect. The personal data we collect can be grouped into the following categories:

1. Contact information: examples of personal data in this category include email address.

2. Profile information: examples of personal data in this category include telephone id, selected filter information in the apps.

3. Viberö relationship information: an example of personal data in this category is the history of the customer relationship between you and Viberö such as for examples numer of logins and login date stamp.